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Australians Tipped to Spend $377 Million Dollars on Gifts This Valentine’s Day


8 February 2019

Australians Tipped to Spend $377 Million Dollars on Gifts This Valentine’s Day

A national study of Australian couples has revealed $377 million is expected to be spent on Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

Created by online gift store Brewquets, the 2019 Australian Valentine’s Day Survey was created to better understand how Australian couples celebrate Valentine’s Day. In total over 1,500 adults took part in the survey.

Richard Kelsey, Director of Brewquets said the research indicated the amount of money that passes through the economy for Valentine’s Day is significant.

“We know for a lot of business’, particularly florists, Valentine’s Day is a crucial event for their sustainability. This is the one day that can really make or break them,” said Mr Kelsey.

“The research confirms just how important Valentine’s Day is to Australian retailers,” he said.

In addition to better understanding the overall contribution to the economy, the study identified a number of other findings:

  • Average spend for Valentine’s Day gifts is significant. Consumers spend on average $90 buying gifts for their partner.
  • While flowers are the number one gift for females, for males this is alcohol.
  • Valentine’s Day is great for online retailers. Almost half of all shoppers will use both online and offline channels for buying their Valentine's gifts, with a further 19% using online only.
  • While Valentine’s Day is great for expressions of love, it doesn’t automatically mean things are going to heat up in the bedroom. Just 24% say they expect to have sex on the day.

Full results of the 2019 Australian Valentine’s Day Survey can found at: https://brewquets.com.au/blogs/news/2019-australian-valentines-day-survey

To learn more about the 2019 Australian Valentine’s Day Survey contact Richard Kelsey 0405 251 864.


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