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About Brewquets

Welcome to Brewquets

For too long it has been impossible to get a great gift for men. The days of socks and jocks are over.

We have created the perfect gift that will make you look like a true gift hero.

A bouquet of beers, our brewquet – because what bloke (or girl) doesn’t like beer?

We hand select our brews to create a truly memorable gift. We are the beer equivalent of flowers.

We're a 100% Australian independently owned business with a focus on sustainability and giving back to others.

By supporting Brewquets not only are you standing by other sustainable advocates but you're helping make the world a better place.

For every Brewquet bought, we help provide access to clean drinking water to a person in need.

Gift better.


 The Team @ Brewquets


A Focus On Sustainability

We love what we do but also realise everyone has an impact on our planet and environment, and for us its important to minimise this impact.

That's why we focus on ensuring our packaging is sustainable and has as little impact on the environment as possible.

We strive for sustainability in a range of ways:

- Our gift boxes are made from cardboard which is easily recycled.

- The beers, cider and wines featured come in glass or aluminium which is also recyclable.

- We have a focus on partnering with suppliers that also have sustainable packaging.

- The ribbon we use is durable and can be reused on a future gift.

- We sell quite a lot of gifts and so purchase our goods in bulk, reducing the transport requirements and therefore reducing carbon emissions.

- Where possible we bundle customer's order of multiple items into larger boxes to reduce packaging.

- We partner with the large established freight and delivery providers who are sorting and transporting items for other businesses at the same time, helping to reduce carbon emissions compared to single load carriers.

- Our warehouse and gift making facilities uses timed lighting, reducing unnecessary energy usage throughout the year.

- We've created a program with breweries which reuses the plastic clips that hold 4/6 packs of beers in cans. We store the clips from packing our gift packs and then in bulk breweries collect them and reuse them in their canning lines, reducing land fill / need for recycling.

We are continually reviewing our processes and packaging to see if there are other areas where we can be more sustainable.

If you love supporting an independent Australian owned business who has a focus on sustainability then you've come to the right place.