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Providing Clean Water To Those In Need

We're a lucky bunch at Brewquets. Like really lucky. We live in a free country with access to almost anything one could desire, including clean water.

For others this is not the case. Many go without the basic essentials and for some clean water is a rare commodity.

We don't think this should be the case.

Couple this belief and the fact that water makes up 90% of beer it felt truly fitting that we join forces with B1G1 to donate profits from each of our beer gifts to their Provide Clean Water In The World charity.

This charity project invests funds into proper water infrastructure and facilities, aiming to install proper water-related ecosystems in areas where accessing water is not as simple as just turning on the tap.

By supporting this charity we are able to provide clean drinking water to communities throughout the world that are water scarce, providing access to a basic human right.

For each can or bottle of beer or cider we donate a days worth of clean drinking water for 1 person.

So for each Dozen Brews we sell we donate so that 12 people can have clean drinking water for a day. And for each Big Brewquets 6 people for a day and so on.