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How do you deliver?

We offer 2 different delivery services depending on the product you are purchasing. These are Standard shipping or Express Delivery. Click here for complete details on each

How long does delivery take?

Please refer to our delivery information page as delivery times will depend on which delivery method you choose.

What does a Brewquet come with?

The beers are always changing. We're always on the lookout for new and delicious beers, but you can be guaranteed they'll always be fresh from local Australian craft breweries.

Our traditional Brewquets (presented in a hessian tote bag) feature either 3 or 6 beers/ciders carefully wrapped in tissue paper and secured in a hessian drawstring tote and finished with a super stylish gift card & bottle opener. For all traditional Brewquets you will have the option to add snacks as an extra add on.

We then also have our dozen beer and beer hamper range which feature a range of different beers and snacks. These have been awesomely themed around key gifting occasions like Birthdays, Thank You, Valentine's Day and Christmas to name a few.

Do the beers arrive cold?

Turns out a cold delivery comes at a hot price, so no. But 15 minutes in the fridge and hey ho, it’ll be a cool gift in all the right ways (see what we did there!?). If you or the recipient can’t wait 15 minutes then we have a solution for that, our Drill Chill 2 Minute Beer Chiller.

Can I select my own beers?

Brewquets are a simple gesture, and we mix the beers up all the time to ensure a variety is always being gifted. Currently there is no option to select your own beers to be included.

Do you stock any imported beer?

We're strongly focused on supporting local Australian craft breweries but from time to time may feature a couple awesome international beers that come our way. 

What happens if something goes wrong?

Please get in contact via one of the methods listed on our Contact Us page and we will do our best to rectify the issue asap.