What to send a guy instead of flowers?

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What to send a guy instead of flowers?

Buying for men can sometimes be challenging.

The reality is finding the right gift suited for the right occasion is no small feat!

Do you sometimes wonder what the equivalent of flowers is for men? After all flowers can be a simple and easy gift to give others, and guaranteed to be well received.

Don't you wish there was a simple alternative for men?

Well look no further as we've created the Brewquet and a range of other awesome gifts to send a guy instead of flowers! 

Here's the low down on these awesome alternative gifts.

The Traditional Brewquets

The alternative to a bouquet of flowers is the Brewquet which is available in two sizes, 3 or 6 beers, with the options to include snacks.

These little bunch of beers are the perfect flower gift alternative for men. Available online with delivery Australia wide we have you covered for all occasions from a quick little Thank You or Happy Birthday to Sorry or I Love You.

There is simply no occasion a Brewquet doesn't suit.

Click the image below to see more information on each of our gift Brewquets and be our next gift giving hero!

...Go on he deserves one...


Featuring 3 different beers hand wrapped in black tissue paper and placed in a hessian tote bag a Brewquet is perfect for that small thank you or thinking of you gift. Brewquets feature a bottle opener, black gift message tag to include your personalised note and option to include snacks (nuts and jerky).

Available for delivery Australia wide. 

3 Beer Brewquet


Featuring 6 beers (3 different beers x 2 of each) this is the upsized version of the smaller traditional Brewquet. Also packaged in a beautiful hessian tote bag the Big Brewquet also includes a stylish beer glass and the option to upsize your gift even further with the inclusion of nuts and jerky. It's the equivalent of a larger bunch of flowers and perfect for all occasions. 

Includes free gift message tag and available for delivery Australia wide. 

6 Beer with Glass Big Brewquet

6 Beer Big Brewquet Beer Gift

New World Beer Gifts

At Brewquets we love creating new and beautiful gifts for our customers.

We wanted to compliment our existing range of Brewquets with a new line of gifts, something that takes a twist on existing beer gifting. 

So we created the Long Stem Brews and the Dozen Brews, the perfect play on words and way better then sending a guy a bunch of flowers!

Long Stem Brews

Why should roses be the only thing that graces the inside of a long stem box?!

With a twist on the traditional long stem rose gift, we've created the Long Stem Brews!

Featuring four beers and snacks to match this is the perfect gift to get heads turning and really wow the recipient. The unusual, but very unique, packaging goes down a treat and is sure to impress all that see it. The real WOW! factor gift.

Includes free gift message tag and is available for delivery Australia wide. 

Long Stem Brews Beer Gift

Long Stem Brews Beer Gift Buy Button

Dozen Brews

Created to be the equivalent of a dozen roses the Dozen Brews gift packs have been purposefully themed for a variety of occasions.

Each box contains 12 different beers which have been handpicked for their quality and variety, it will take the recipient on a trip to flavour town!

The beers have been carefully packaged in a black themed box (depending on the occasion) and wrapped with a hand tied silk bow. 

Includes free gift message tag and is available for delivery Australia wide. 

To view all the Dozen Brews gift pack types click here.

Or click on one of the images below.

New Dad Dozen Brews Gift Box  Birthday Dozen Brews Gift Box    Congratulations Beer Gift Dozen    Brewquets Dozen Brews Gift Box Valentines Day Dozen Brews  Fathers Day Dozen Brews Gift Pack


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