Top 10 Reasons Canned Wines Are Better Than Bottles

18 March, 2019

Top 10 Reasons Wine In Cans Are Better Than Bottles

There may be some wine purists that cringe at the idea of wine in a can but here's a thought...

These wine purists are likely the same group who over a decade ago believed screw caps on wine bottles were just another fad and would negatively impact the quality of the wine.

Fast forward nearly two decades and screw caps on wine bottles are common place.


Because they deliver convenience and have no negative impact on the wine quality. 

Similarly, wine in a can is a relatively new concept (somewhat), but quickly gaining moment. 

So naysayers be gone!

Now you know how we said wine in cans were "somewhat" a new concept... well it's kind of but not really.

And here's the reason why.

One of the first canned wines in Australia can be attributed to Sydney wine merchant Doug Lamb who in the 1960's was importing cans of Beaujolais, a French wine generally made of the Gamay grape which has a thin skin and is low in tannins. 

That's 50 years ago! 

So why have cans not remained prevalent since the 1960's?

The challenge back then was that the chemical nature of wine (i.e. higher acidity, low pH) meant early cans had a short shelf life, and were plagued by instability and corrosion.

Fast forward to modern day and Australian owned and operated Baroke wines developed technology which meant wine is now very stable when packaged in cans. They even patented their technology and called in Vinsafe.

With all this in mind, the evolution of wine in cans is among us and of interest to many is how cans compare to bottled wine.

While we don't ever believe cans will overtake bottled wine it is important to consider the advantages of canned wines, after all there must be reasons canned wines are the fastest growing segment of the wine market (up 43% in the USA and up 30% in the UK in 2018).

So here are our top 10 reasons why cans are better than bottles.

1. Freshness
Cans are great for blocking out all light. This means light cannot interfere with the wine inside resulting in a fresher product and in some instances the ability to reduce the amount of preservatives used.

2. Faster Delivery
With cans being lighter and not breaking like glass we are able to offer express shipping anywhere in Australia for our wine gifts. Your lucky recipient can receive their gift sooner and more safely.

3. More Space For Story Telling
With a can the winemaker is able to tell you more about their story and the wine. No longer are the limited by a front and back label but the entire can be printed on to tell the winemaker's story. Add to this the space available on the four pack wrap and there is a lot of room available to learn about the product you are enjoying.

Wine 4 pack

4. Single Serve
Wine in a can assists in portion control. No more do you need to open a whole bottle just to enjoy one glass. Let's face it we've all endured a stale glass of wine from a bottle that’s been open too long, or ‘polished off a bottle’ rather than letting it go to waste. And lets not forget the bottle of sparkling which has gone flat because we did not finish it in one sitting. Cans = No More Flat Sparkling

With the most common size of canned wine being 250ml and the average wine pour being approximately 150ml it means a can is a bit under 2 glasses of wine, a perfect amount to enjoy in one evening.

250ml Can to Glass Conversion

The smaller format also means there is a smaller monetary outlay, you can now pay a third of the price instead of committing to a large bottle and its accompanying higher price tag.

5. Better For The Environment (Part 1)
This part is double pronged. Firstly, cans are lighter than a bottles meaning there is less energy required to transport cans when compared to glass. Second, cans take up less space compared to bottles, so more volume (in litres) can be added to a pallet when compared to bottles. Both of these reduce the carbon emission generated by freight (per litre of wine) making cans better for the environment. 

6. Better For The Environment (Part 2)
Cans have a higher rate of recycling compared to glass. On top of this metal cans are completely recyclable and able to be recycled again and again without any performance loss. In comparison glass does experience a loss of quality when recycled and can become cloudy. This is partly the reason behind different coloured glass. As the glass is recylced colour is added to combat the cloudy appearance - clear glass to green glass to brown glass through subsequent recycling cycles.

It is reported that the average can today contains around 70 percent recycled metal. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable compared to glass.

Cans vs Bottles Recycling Percentage
Source: The Aluminium Association

7. Easier to chill
This is part convenience and part environment. Firstly, cans chill down quicker as they are a smaller format (less volume to chill down) and the cans have a thinner wall meaning any changes in temperature are passed from the can exterior to its contents much faster when compared to glass

This speed of chilling also means there is less energy required to chill down cans compared to wine in a bottle. If you were to fill two identical fridges with the exact same volume of wine (except in different packaging, cans vs bottles) you would find the cans would chill faster and therefore the fridge would have to "work" less to chill the canned wines down, thus reducing the energy needed to chill the wine.

8. Easier To Fit In The Fridge Or Esky

Wine in cans are brilliant for ease of packing into an esky. No longer do you need to lay a bottle of wine on its side or be forced to having the esky lid remain open because the wine bottle is too tall (or your esky is too small!).

Similarly in the fridge you no longer need to find a spot in the fridge door, with cans having the ease of being placed upright on any shelf. They also take a smaller footprint so you can fit a couple on each shelf if need be without having to completely re-organise your fridge. Perfect for parties or at Christmas time when the fridge is bulging at the seams!

Cans In Esky

9. Convenience & The Australian Lifestyle

Going to a friends house, picnic or housewarming and only want a drink a glass or two. Easy peasy, just pop a can or two in your bag or esky and away you go. No need for a large wine cooler bag or the top of the bottle poking out your bag. 

This also assists with drinking responsibly. No longer do you have to commit to buying a 750ml bottle for your next friend's BBQ. You can buy a single can and easily watch how much you are drinking. Perfect for night where you may want to enjoy a drink with friends but also want to be responsible and drive home safely.

You can also expect to see wine in cans to begin appearing at outdoor festivals given their convenience, ease of serving and reduced risk compared to glass.

They are also perfect for any outdoor activity like camping and boating. As mentioned they fit easily in the esky, don't break like glass and can be crushed down to take minimal space in the rubbish bag for the trip home.

Wine In A Can Picnic

10. Variety Variety Variety
For the same $$ you can buy a variety of wines instead of a single bottle. This means you can try a variety of wines instead of just the one. This is not only great for sampling wines yourself but also for when you are giving wine as a gift. Not only will the lucky recipient get to enjoy a variety of wines but it takes the pain staking guess work of which wine to get them. 

So there you have it, 10 great reasons why canned wine will rock your world. 

As mentioned wine in cans are the equivalent of screw top lids back in the 90's. When wines went from cork to screw tops some people turned their noses, now it's common place because of convenience and ease factor of opening a bottle. So why not be ahead of the curve and join the wine can revolution!