Sending Beer As A Gift In Australia

18 February, 2021

Sending Beer Gifts In Australia

People often send us three common questions:

1. Can they send beer as a gift?
2. How best to send a beer gift?
3. Can the orders be placed from overseas? (e.g. ordering from the UK, USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world for delivery in Australia)

The great thing is these three questions come with three simple answers:

1. YES, you can send beer as a gift, who doesn’t love beer!
2. The easiest way is through our website, you’ll be done in a few minutes
3. YES, we deliver Australia wide with thousands of customers worldwide

We’re sure you probably have lots of other questions related to placing an order to have beer sent to a friend or loved one so here are some of the most commonly asked questions by new customers:

What sets our beer gifts apart?

Our packs not just a random box of beers, from the beers featured to the packaging our gifts are designed to be unique and give the recipient a true WOW! experience.

Our packs are hand tailored to ensure top notch beers are feature with a variety in every box.

Do you ship in unbranded boxes to avoid ruining the surprise?

Yes! While our gift packs themselves are the bees knees we double box and ship them in a plain outer box with no branding. So if you are having the parcel delivered to you and also share the house with the lucky recipient your surprise won’t be ruined! The recipient won’t know what’s inside until they open the box.

Is an invoice included with the parcel?

No! Being a 100% gifting company we know how important this is that pricing isn’t shared with the lucky recipient. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address which will include pricing, so just make sure to use your email address.

Can I include a gift message?

YES, of course!

All of our product pages have a gift message box where you can leave a message that we will include with the parcel.
Our gift messages are printed and placed on the back of the black embossed swing tag.

What sets Brewquets apart?

We are beer gifting experts with over 20 years of combined beer gifting experience. It’s fair to say we know a bit about sending beer as a gift to someone!

In our collective experience we have sent over 100,000 beer gift packs across Australia and have tens of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to trust us to get their gift safely into a beer lovers hands.

So how can you place an order?

Very simple through our website with these 4 simple steps.

1. Select the product you would like
2. Add a gift message
3. Select a preferred delivery date (for select products)
4. Add it to your cart
5. Pay online through our secure encrypted checkout

In a few simple clicks your order will be placed and our packing team will swiftly have your parcel on its way.

Still got questions, send us an email at