Push Present For Dads (Australia)

27 May, 2019

Push Present For Dads (Australia)

Are you looking for an awesome push present for a dad to be?

Before we dive into our recommended push present for dads lets first recap on what a push present is and why they have grown in popularity over the years. 

Push Present Definition

Wikipedia defines it as:

"A push present (also called a push gift) is a present a partner gives to the birthing mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has supposedly grown in the United States in recent years."

The word "push" is purposely used to represent the effort the mother goes through during pregnancy and ultimately labour and childbirth.

And for the record, let's call it as it is, women do all the work and any gift for men on this occasion is really a celebratory gift!

With push presents most commonly being gifted to women, some report that the push present gifting occasion was invented by the jewelry industry in a bid to sell more goods, however, there is no direct evidence to this being true.

Recent Growth In Popularity

In recent years the trend towards push presents has increased with media coverage of celebrities being gifted extravagant push presents, namely:

- Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe was gifted a 10 carat diamond ring by her husband Rodger after the birth of their son in 2011

- Real Housewives of Orange County reality TV star Peggy Tanous was given a Bentley after the 2007 birth of their daughter

- Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon gave her a diamond and sapphire necklace in 2001 after the birth of their twins.

Push Presents Are Wanted But Not Expected

In 2004 BabyCenter surveyed over 30,000 respondents and found that 38% of new mothers were given a push present, and 55% of pregnant mothers wanted one, however fewer actually expected to receive a push present.

In recent years, as the general trend of push presents has grown, some men have also begun to receive push presents, perhaps in a bid for the man to get their partner one!

Most Popular Push Presents

For women the most popular push presents were diamonds, eternity rings, bracelets, watches and handbags. 

In comparison push presents for dads were more likely to be a smart watch, tickets to his favourite sport, concert tickets, whiskey or a tablet computer.

A Different Push Present For Dads

At Brewquets, while we appreciate all these great push presents for dads, we like to think he will need something to toast the birth of his newborn baby with.

And what better to toast with than beer!

We created the New Dad Dozen Brews gift box (perfect for both new dads and those becoming a dad again for the second, third, fourth... plus time)

But Why Give Him The Gift Of Beer As A Push Present?

There are many reasons but here are a few...

- If he loves beer his is going to love this pack. Featuring 12 different beers across different styles he will sample some of the worlds best beers in the one pack. We know he (and you) will be somewhat house bound with the little one around so this is a great way for him to still enjoy a few new brews.

- It's something different. He probably already has a watch or tablet, and really, once the baby is here is he going to have time to go to a concert or sporting match!? Being parents ourselves we think it's unlikely, at least in the immediate short term. 

- It's perfect for the man that "has everything". With the variety of beer included in this pack and a focus on small craft breweries it's likely he won't have tried these beers before.

- It's a simple but thoughtful gift. They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and fact of the matter is beer goes into his stomach.

So What Is In The New Dad Dozen Brews Gift Box?

The gift box includes:

- 12 different beers from the world's leading craft breweries. He'll be taken on a journey across 12 different beers and breweries. His tastebuds will be jumping for joy.

- All packaged in a stylish black box themed with a "Congrats On Becoming A Dad" artwork in the lid of the box. There will be no mistaken why he is receiving this gift.

- The box is beautifully finished off with a hand tied silver silk bow.

- A free gift card message is included on a black bronze embossed gift tag.

- The box is shipped in a plain cardboard outer box for safe transit as well as keeping the surprise of what's inside.

- Available for delivery Australia wide with fast dispatch and shipping.