Most Common Birthday In Australia (Day & Month Revealed!)

23 May, 2019

Most Common Birthday In Australia (Day & Month Revealed!)

It's one of the only things we all have in common. 

A date of birth. 

The day we each entered the world and began our human journey.

A question which is often asked is which day of the year is the most common to have a birthday?

Now thanks to the good folk at the Australian Bureau of Statistics we can give you the answer!

We've trawled through their data and combined it all to find out the most popular birthday.

To be specific we took the data of the daily number of births over a 10 year period from 2007 to 2016 and then averaged each year out to determine the most and least popular birthdays. 

It is hands down the most comprehensive data available. 

So here's the low down.

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The table below displays, in colour, the most common and least common birthdays using the total number of daily births from 2007 and 2016.

The colour range is from a dark green (representing the most common birthday) to a dark red (representing the least common birthday). 

Can you spot the most and least common birthdays?

Scroll down for a more detailed explanation.

Most Common Birthday In Australia

Did you see the most and least common dates?

If not here they are:

The most common birthday in Australia is September 17th!

The least common birthday (you may have guessed it is) is Christmas Day, the 25th of December. If you are inclined to count leap years in the mix then the 29th February is the least common birthday, but only because they occur once every 4 years.

The line chart below shows average births, per day, per year (February 29th is normalised to show the average number of births per year, for each time it occurs in the ten year period).

Most Common Birthday Australia Average By Day 2006-2017

Some key highlights: 

The most common date of birth (September 17th) is roughly 9 months from Christmas / New Year period, meaning there's a lot of baby making happening during the holiday season.

The least common days (or maybe the most unique?) are key holidays, namely New Years Day (1st January), Australia Day (26th January), Anzac Day (25th April), Christmas Day (25th December) and Boxing Day (26th December). It's evident both parents and doctors prefer to have these days off like the rest of the nation! 

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