Gifts To Send Him At Work

13 June, 2019

Gifts To Send Him At Work

Are you looking for an awesome gift to send him at work?

Want something unique but that won't break the bank? 

We have a great range of gifts you can send your boyfriend, husband, fiance or partner directly to their workplace or office. Not only will it be an awesome surprise for him but you'll be making his day and putting the biggest smile on his dial.

So without further ado here are our top 3 gifts you can send him at work:

1. Long Stem Brews

Originally created for Valentine's Day these are now a hit year round given their uniqueness. 

It's the equivalent of him sending you some roses, except with beer!

His work mates will be in awe of the gift and he'll be wondering whats in the box.

This gifts features 4 different beers, handpicked for their flavour and quality, and some snacks to go along with them. All of this is beautifully packaged in long stem black box wrapped with a red ribbon. It really has the WOW! factor.

2. Dozen Brews Gift Box

This is the beer equivalent of a dozen roses or a bunch of flowers.

Featuring 12 

If you are sending him a little something to say thanks, congratulations or happy birthday you can also have a occasion themed dozen brews, simply click on one of the images below.

3. Traditional Brewquets

A perfect little bunch of beers! 

These little beauties were the original product that launched Brewquets.

Ever so popular and a cute gift to give these will have him eager to pop the top off and sample his beery gift delights.

Available in either a 3 or 6 beer

Alternatives To Beer Gifts

If he is not all that into beer we also have great cider and wine gifts available.

Here are our most popular cider and wine gifts.

1. Cider Brewquets (3 or 6 cider options)

We've taken our traditional beer Brewquets and did a switcharoo!

Within the same great gift packaging we've swapped out the beer for bottles of cider.

Available with snacks as well and a great alternative for non-beer drinking partners. 

2. Wine & Chocolate Box

Does he have a bit of a sweet tooth and fancy wine more so than beer or cider?

With our wine packs he'll be able to sample a variety of different wines plus have a couple chocolate indulgences as well. 

The perfect little wine pack for all occasions.