Brewquets Survey - Results & Winners

01 August, 2018

Brewquets Survey - Results & Winners

Thanks to everyone that took part in our survey - the feedback is really going to help us improve things going forward with a new ownership team!

Below are some of the key findings from the research - and most importantly for you the winners of our Brewquet give-away (see the bottom of the page).


Overall, how do you rate your experience with Brewquets?

Overall happiness with Brewquets

For the vast majority of you, the experience with Brewquets has been overwhelmingly positive.

On average you rated Brewquets 4.42 out of 5 which is a great score - although we'll be aiming higher!


Why you gave the rating you did

“Delivery was awesome and quick and it was a fantastic gift”

“The person I sent the Brewquet to, really enjoyed it, and were pleasantly surprised by it.”

“Amazing product and even better service!”

“Easy to order and track. Was delivered on time.”

“I think this company has tapped into a customer base not recognised before. I bought a Brewquet for my partner for Valentine’s Day this year and he loved it. They were on time with delivery, great and easy ordering. Every year I was making similar things for my partner this just made it easier.”


And the less positive feedback....

We know prior to the ownership change that a very small number of customers had a less positive experience. Thankfully with our cracker of a team we’re putting in processes to ensure those headaches aren’t repeated again. 😊

Areas we’ve be improving on:

- Ensuring extras such as jerky & nuts are delivered 100% of the time

- Getting gifts delivered on time, every time.

- Improved communication around delivery and any questions you may have


Moving forward

We’re now taking all the feedback and learnings to work out other areas we can improve upon. Just a few of the things we’ve done so far to make the experience better than ever:

- Improved the website checkout

- Automated many manual tasks to take away the risk of human error

- Improved how deliveries are handled and delivery timings

- Increased the team so that there is always someone to take care of your gift


Other add-ons you'd like to see

"A few more product options to choose from nuts/jerky/pretzels/crisps"

"More range e.g. themed pack by region, or type of beer, or other theme."

"More variety"

"A cider/champagne option"


Most popular occasions for giving a Brewquet

The verdict is in - most of you consider Brewquets a great gift for a variety of occasions.

 Brewquets Gift Occasions


The Winners

Congratulations to the winners of a Big Brewquet:

Julie Gibson & Carla Glavonjic


And a big thanks to everyone that took part!


The Crew @ Brewquets