10 Strangest Valentine's Day Gifts

23 January, 2019

10 Strangest Valentine's Day Gifts

Every year, Valentine's Day creeps up with the expectation that we should all display love and affection through thoughtful gifts. However, a quick search on the internet will show to us that it is not just a day of giving flowers, chocolates, or stuffed toys. With the V Day fast approaching, we’ve rounded up some of the strangest gifts ever.

1. A Little Piece of You

Nothing is more romantic than giving your partner a little piece of you, whether it is a ring made from one of your own teeth or a necklace made from your hair. Jeweller and Australian designer Polly van der Glas makes such gestures possible through her line of miniature sculptures made from donated and discarded bodily materials housed in cast-metal settings. You will also get a 10% off the purchase price if you choose to use your own teeth as part of the custom piece of jewellery. As the famous song of Beyonce’s says: "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it".

2. Heart-shaped pendants made of cremation remains

Love Ashes Cremation Jewellery uses the remains of a departed loved one to create jewellery, or another kind of memorial, to honour those that have left this world. Whether you wish to memorialise a family member, a friend, or a beloved pet, a Love Ashes keepsake will help keep loving memories alive.

3. Heart-shaped meat

Sweetness and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, be it in the form of candy or words, but there is a savoury option as well. If your special someone loves steak, this heart-shaped chunk of steak should do the trick. It’s not only romantic but also practical.

4. Brief Jerky

It might sound unbelievable but beef jerky underwear is a thing that some people want and might be willing to pay for. It is 100% edible and 100% meat. This tasty and protein-packed brief takes edible underwear to the next level – not only by looking and feeling great, but also by providing your lucky partner with their recommended daily carb intake. After all, meat is pretty much the manliest alternative to chocolates there is, right?

5. Candy bikini

From meat to candies, here’s another edible bikini for your sweet-toothed lover. It is made of approximately 330 fruit-flavoured candies with only 60 calories so you don’t need to worry about your diet. Indeed a true Valentine’s delight.

6. Dead flowers

Who says flowers are only for the happy and in-love? Dirty Rotten Flowers offers an array of damaged bouquets to an erstwhile partner. Whether you want to send a reminder of the “good times” or you just want to have a little fun, these bouquets will help you say “thank you” when you really want to say “thanks for nothing.”

7. Control-Your-Spouse talking remote

This remote will not literally control your partner, but they can talk and say a lot of hilarious phrases. For example, the Control Your Woman speaks of things like “Hand over the credit card”, or “Feed me!” while the Control Your Man says, “What about my needs?”, “What were you thinking?”, or “Time to listen!” and many more. Some people might actually be willing to pay more if these faux remotes actually worked, but it will be fun if the other partner pretends that it works.

8. Toilet Paper with Message

Do you and your significant other have a sense of humour that only you can understand? This I Love You toilet paper is the perfect gag gifts for couples that enjoy a good laugh. As they say, writing love letters never gets old.

9. Funeral Plans

For a much darker approach how about expressing your love on Valentine’s day with arranging your partners funeral plans?! Be prepared though - you may get a dead flat response.

10. Pheromone Perfume

According to Science, pheromones are a chemical substance in our body which is responsible for attracting other people. It is the so-called “modern day love potion”. Although there is no scientific proof of such claims, there are many brands of pheromone perfumes available in the market today, created to make you even more attractive to your other half.

There you go - 10 of the weirdest gifts around to wow your lover this Valentine's Day. Maybe some appeal? Or maybe none at all do!

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